Kwalee, the video game developer knows what success tastes like thanks to some of their latest projects.  Draw It and PLANK! are two great examples of games created by this English studio which have been downloaded millions of times.  Jetpack Jump is their latest viral release, available for Android and iOS. This game is proof that you don’t need complex gameplays in order to attract users from different parts of the world. Stretch out your legs and adjust your jetpack. The most peculiar and entertaining triple jump competition for smartphones is starting.


A powerful initial thurst

After just two weeks of the release in the Android catalog, Jetpack Jump has already been downloaded more than a million times in Google Play. In fact, the game earned its spot as one of the five most downloaded games in 12 different countries. Plus, it’s among the top 10 games in 26 territories and the top 100 in 83 nations.


It should also be noted that Jetpack Jump is one of the 10 most downloaded apps in important markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. This arcade is also gaining popularity in places like Turkey, Italy, and Brazil, where it’s climbed 41 spots in the arcade game category, according to App Annie. Basically, the game is becoming popular all over the world.

The success story of simple games

The fact that a game with such a simple gameplay has amassed so many downloads is no coincidence. Take Bottle Flip 3D, for example, which is the number one downloaded game in the USA. There are also other examples such as Stack Ball, Traffic Run! or Run Race 3D. All of them have been created to connect with the player using simple controls and easy-to-play rounds during short amounts of time. Plus, they take up few resources in your smartphone, which is awesome if don’t have a top-notch device.


The desire to succeed also plays an important role in these types of games. The majority of the aforementioned games include progress bars that inform you of your progress and score during the entire round. These markers increase your addiction level and entice you to keep playing in order to beat your own records. Climbing up the worldwide ranking latter is yet another incredible incentive to keep improving your skills.

Enter the take-off runway

As far as Jetpack Jump is concerned, the premise is quite clear. You’ll become a voxelized athlete in search of the best triple jump. Your first thrust will take place while making sure that you don’t step on the charging zones. Then, you have to tap on the screen to thrust your character into the air at the exact right moment. This is when you’ll use your propelling backpack.


The rewards that you earn are really important. You can use those rewards to buy new equipment to help you fly over longer distances. There are shoes, hats, and backpacks that’ll increase your jumping potential. Another really interesting feature is that you can continue collecting coins, even when you’re not inside the app. At the beginning of the game, you can only jump over the sandpit. However, as you continue to upgrade your character’s equipment, you’ll see that you can prolong your jump.

Tricks to prolong your jumps

This type of game doesn’t include a mathematical formula that can guarantee your success. But, after playing a few rounds, we can recommend a few tricks to earn more points in Jetpack Jump:

  • Don’t spend all your energy on your first jump. If you wait too long, you may surpass the red line and you may not be able to execute your initial thrust.
  • Try to take advantage of your next two jumps. As soon as the white circle stretches over the yellow one, tap on the screen.
  • Ration your fuel. The best strategy is to propel your character when it’s in a 45º over the horizon. That way, it’ll be located high enough to extend the jump a few more meters.
  • Activate your offline earnings. By doing so, you’ll keep earning coins even when you’re not playing. In fact, you can also increase the cash flow that you receive per minute.
  • Spend your earnings on new equipment. We’re talking about fake money, so you might as well spend it on equipment that can help you improve your skills and jump higher.

Jetpack Jump for Android available in Uptodown [APK] | Download


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