Don’t get too excited, because even though it may seem like a joke, it still isn’t December 28 yet. In Japan, besides phone calls, now you can answer the call of nature from your mobile phone or any other Android device. The Japanese company Lixil has developed Satis, a bathroom completely controlled from an Android via Bluetooth, which has all kinds of luxurious features.

retrete inteligente Japanese developers create an intelligent bathroom controlled by Android

Japanese toilets nowadays are very sophisticated pieces of technology, and include features such as seat temperature regulation and buttons you can press to play sounds that preserve your privacy, covering up any noise. Foreigners are often impressed with this type of technology, and impressed with the convenience that this design offers for daily life.

All this is pretty outstanding when you compare what bathrooms used to be like in Japan, which were simply a hole in the ground in the shape of a circle, and a system of pipes. When it comes to “sitting on the throne,” the Japanese have gone from riding in oxcarts to driving around in Ferraris.

With Lixil Satis, you can control the seat’s temperature, raise or lower the lid, flush the toilet, or even play your favorite music on the speakers that come integrated in the toilet itself.

lixil satis control android Japanese developers create an intelligent bathroom controlled by Android

You can even keep a planner on your Android device to monitor your bathroom use, and thus also monitor your health. You can also access your toilet’s electricity and water consumption from within the application, in addition to a series of euphemistic symbols that refer to how you are using your toilet each time you use the bathroom.

Although the app that controls the Lixil Satis is already available on GooglePlay, the luxurious Japanese toilet won’t be for sale until February, 2013 in three different models, and will cost between ¥199,500 and ¥389,550, or approximately $2,366 and $4,620. The Lixil Satis will only be sold in Japan for now, although it wouldn’t surprise me if we were to hear of a famous celebrity owning one in a couple years.


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