Pokémon GO – called the biggest game of 2016 – has seen its popularity nosedive this year. Meanwhile, its spot as the most-played game on mobile has been usurped by Clash Royale, which seems like it’ll never go out of style. Its latest thing is a giant tournament that’s sure to launch the game into the world of eSports with force. Crown Championship is here.

Crown Championship

The Crown Championship will be the biggest Clash Royale competition ever as anybody who wants to can participate. This open global tournament will be held between May and June, with prizes totalling more than a million dollars, and will crown someone the world’s best Clash Royale player. No big deal.

Crown Championship

The Crown Championship will have several game phases that players will drop out of until only the world’s best are left. The spring and autumn competitions will wind up with the world finals later this year. Below we explain the rules for the Spring Championship so that everything is as clear as possible.

  • You have to have made it to level 8 to be able to participate in the Championship, plus be at least 16 years old and reside in Europe, Latin America, or North America.
  • The first phase starts on May 11 and anyone can play who meets the criteria above. Hundreds of rounds with 1,000 people each will be played until May 16, and then the best will advance to the next phase.
  • The next phase runs from May 20 to 27, and the players will participate in one of eight rounds with 1024 people in each. The eight winners from each region move on to the third phase, a Round Robin (everybody against everybody), and the six winners from there go on to the last of the phases in the Championship.
  • The fourth phase will be the Grand Finale for each region and the six best players from each region will face off in two real-life events so that just one ends up being the Spring Champion from each region.

Crown Championship

If you want to hash it out against the best of the best, register on the Crown Championship website and try your luck. Supercell deserves props for putting together a competition that includes the whole Clash Royale community. In the meantime, get to it and play your heart out if you want to be the best.

More info | Crown Championship Blog

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