Several characteristics differentiate normal Instagram content from Stories, including the latters’ short lifespans and the fact that you can see who has viewed or downloaded photos and videos posted as Stories. It’s precisely on this second point – the fact that the app shows you when someone sees your posts – where Stalkeame comes in. This new app lets you view other people’s Instagram Stories without them realizing it.


As soon as you go into StalkeaMe you’ll find three big buttons for the three biggest social networks: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The thing is that for now the only one of the three buttons that’s functional is the Instagram one, and the app itself prompts you to come back later to discover its newest features. It doesn’t say how much later, nor what options it’ll offer – the only thing it lets you do right now is “hack” Instagram Stories. Which is quite a lot, actually.

stalkeame screenshot 1 en How to view Instagram Stories invisibily

After inserting your username, StalkeaMe tells you that you can view people’s Instagram Stories without anybody realizing it. A timeline appears with the latest Stories your contacts have posted with stats showing how many Stories they’ve uploaded and how many of them you’ve seen. To view the Stories just tap the person’s picture and they’ll play just as they would on Instagram, except that in StalkeaMe you can view them in incognito mode without anyone finding out.

stalkeame screenshot 2 en How to view Instagram Stories invisibily

StalkeaMe does what it promises in terms of letting you invisibly view other people’s Instagram Stories. There’s not much else it can do and who’s to say exactly which other features they’ll implement in the future, but incognito mode is something that’s sure to interest a lot of people. Plus it covers more than just people you follow: you can use the app’s search tool to find Stories from other people on Instagram, as well.

StalkeaMe for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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