The dizzying success of Instagram Stories has led the Facebook-owned app to keep rolling out new features continuously. Instagram Stories can now be shared in a new way: you can send other people’s posts to any of your own friends. A new feature that works through Instagram Direct and gives you the chance to show Stories you’ve enjoyed to people you follow or even people you don’t.

Sending posts from Instagram Stories is a easy as tapping the new icon at the bottom right for Instagram Direct. Once you do you’ll get a new window with your usual contacts and a search bar to type in the recipient’s name. Pick the person or group of people you want to send the Story to and then just hit Send and it’ll go right into their inbox.

Sending Stories as private messages works the same way as the Stories themselves: they’ll disappear after 24 hours. And if the account of the original post is private, the message can only be seen by other authorized followers of that Instagram account. Do keep in mind, though, that the creator of the Story you’ve shared will get a notification that you’re sharing their post, although not who the recipient is.

This new feature makes Instagram Stories a bit better and takes it ever further away from Snapchat, as the chasm between users of the two apps seems to get ever larger. If you still can’t access this feature, never fear, as it should start rolling out to to everyone in the next few weeks. By the way, a pro tip for people who want to keep their stuff a bit more private: you can set whether to allow posts to be shared in the menu for each Story.

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