Instagram just keeps rolling out new updates and thus, we feel it’s our duty and joy to share them with our readers so that you all can get a clear picture of what one of the world’s most popular social networks is cooking up. This time though, instead of just sharing what we know about the new features that you can already use, we’re also offering a peek behind the curtain to see what may be coming in the future: Instagram is testing out the possibility of reposting content natively, along with a ton of other hot new features.

instagram remix featured Instagram's newest updates and a sneak peek at what's to come

Remix photos from Instagram direct messages

Instagram is embracing the fun of “remixing” photos. When you receive a photo in a direct message, you can tap the camera icon you see at the bottom and answer with another image, although the photo you’re replying to will also appear in the image like a sticker. This way, you can strike up some pretty Inception-like conversations where you’ll see images that you’re replying to in the form of a sticker. Best of all, you can change the size, placement, and pretty much edit it however you want.

Instagram Remix

Another new feature in this 24th version of Instagram is that now you can send these types of messages without having a limit to how many times they can be viewed. When you’re going to send multimedia content by direct message, you can choose if you want the photo or video to be shown once or more times. This difference can be seen quickly with the change of the icon for each option: the bomb icon is for when you want the person to only see the content once, while the typical circular arrow indicates that the content can be replayed.  

Instagram Remix

What Instagram has in store for the future

Thanks to the very helpful The Next Web, we’ve discovered that Instagram is trying out new features that will most likely make their way into the hands of users in the near future. Among these new updates, there’s one that many of us have been using for a while now thanks to third party apps: the ability to natively repost content from other users. To “regram” is one of the most in-demand features for most of the app’s users so it’s very probable that it’ll be included in one of the next future updates. They’re also trying out a new option to add GIFs to Instagram stories, something that we’ve only been able to do by uploading them as if they were videos, and they’re also talking about adding a list of “close friends” where you can post content just only a select few of your followers to see.

Instagram Regram

But the list of future possibilities doesn’t stop there – they’re also testing the option to archive stories to see them again in the future. Plus, the possibility to share posts or Instagram profiles to WhatsApp, as you can see in the image below. Along with all this, there’s still a few things that may be coming soon: a quick search for emojis and relevant hashtags, automatically convert words into emojis, the option to follow hashtags, and options to anchor direct messages. We don’t know when these updates will be officially available, or if they’ll all reach a final version, but it never hurts to check into what the ever-growing and evolving social network has up its sleeves for the future.

Instagram Whatsapp

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