Instagram is at it again. Recently updated to give more emphasis to its Stories feature, now it’s focused mainly on privacy and controlling the comments on your pics. One of the most-requested features has finally been added: the option to deactivate comments on your posts.

Instagram cerrar comentarios

Closing the comments on the posts of your choice is now a reality. The feature is now available to a few people, but bit by bit it will roll out worldwide. Using it is super simple: just tap “Advanced setup” – this is the option at the bottom of the last post screen – and activate it there. You can do it before or after posting content and it’s always specific to the each pic or video you post. Plus you can go back and reactivate them whenever you want.

Another new feature in the latest update is the option to Like the comments on your own posts. This feature brings Instagram to other networks like Facebook and Twitter and it’s easy to use: just tap the heart at the right of the comment. It’s a nice way to show your appreciation of people’s messages.

Instagram cerrar comentarios

Privacy is one of the strong points in the update: Instagram now lets you remove followers on private accounts. Before you had to block and then delete them, but now you can skip that step. And remove users is stealthy as they’ll receive no notifications about this action. And finally, Instagram now has a team working 24/7 around the world to review reports that you can send anonymously if you think one of your contacts is going through a tough time and might end up doing themselves harm. This anonymous reports tool helps Instagram connect your friend with people who can offer them support.

More info | Instagram blog


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