The weight of regret is apt to fall on any user who can’t go back in and edit something they’ve posted on their social networks. Luckily, in the interests of either fixing errors or refining your digital legacy, there are upgrades such as the one just added by Instagram to its official Android and iOS clients in version 6.10, allowing you to edit old posts. In addition, the Discover section has seen improvements to help you add people you know.

The edit option is available on each of your posts. If you go to your profile and click on one of your photos you’ll see a drop-down menu in the lower left of the screen where you’ll find the edit button alongside the options to delete or share. When you go in, you’ll have to option to edit the location, tag friends, or change the caption or existing tags. You probably already know that the latter are essential to your success on Instagram, so it might be a good idea to go back and add keywords to photos you’d like to appear more often in searches.


The other new feature is found in the Discover section, or more particularly in the people section, where you’ll see a list of accounts that might interest you based on who you follow, and you can swipe through photos from each account or follow them with a single touch of the screen.




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