The manufacturer Razer is a specialist in hardware and all sorts of peripherals focused on the most experienced PC videogamers, with high-range lines of mouses and keyboards. In addition, it offers a series of free tools to take full advantage of your machine’s capabilities, with one of these being Game Booster, an “all in one” you can use to improve the performance of your games by optimizing your Windows operating system resources.


When you access Game Booster you’ll be asked for your user details. If you don’t have an account on the Razer website, you’ll have the option to register and create a new account, although it won’t ask you for anything compromising. The first time you launch the application it will do a scan of your computer in search of installed games, meaning you can use Game Booster as a game “launcher” in the style of other platforms like Steam. From there you can browse through the utilities section to make all the optimizations that the program has available.

The high performance mode is an option that will automatically close all the Windows processes that are running that aren’t necessary for the functioning of the game. You can activate this filter manually by defining a keyboard shortcut or by launching a game from the aforementioned launcher of the program itself.


The diagnostic tool will verify what software elements you have up-to-date on your system, and will show a report screen as well as alerts about the software that needs updating. After the diagnostic scan, several options will drop down in the Optimizer section, where it will recommend a series of changes in your computer configuration to improve certain aspects of your machine, whether it be its Internet connection, compatibility with particular programs, or other “tweaks” or repairs that a user who is not advanced would have no way of discovering otherwise.

The Controllers section will show you a list with the drivers you have that are out of date, a fundamental aspect in certain cases if you want to push your machine’s performance to 100%.


As if all this weren’t enough, Razer Game Booster has additional tools available of various stripes, from a display to view at all times, second-by-second, the frames as they move in a game, to a video and audio capturer, and even a tool to defrag the folder where your games are installed. This is undoubtedly an enormously useful tool that is absolutely free and will save PC videogamers some serious headaches.

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