If one of your friends has ever responded with an animated gif in a chat, that gif may well have come from Imgur. This popular image storage site that was catapulted to success thanks to Reddit is currently celebrating its sixth birthday by offering all the features of the Pro version for free to all users.

The Pro features that as of yesterday are active for any user registered for a free account include: an unlimited number of image uploads to your account, more options to insert custom thumbnails, access to a freestanding analytics page for every image, the option to edit or remove any uploaded image at any time, and the option to vote for or rate any image or video uploaded to Imgur.

imgur android 1 Imgur to offer Pro features to all users

Besides the web version of Imgur that’s accessible from any browser, there are two official Android apps, one of them practically a direct transcription of the web version adapted to mobile interfaces. The other is Memegen, a tool to put together your own memes with images stored on your device or using one of the many offered by the app, with options, once you associate the app with your Imgur account, to upload your memes with a single tap and store them locally.

imgur android 2 Imgur to offer Pro features to all users


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