Fallout Shelter was a terrific release from Bethesda that brought the famed post-apocalyptic universe to Android by converting the RPG saga into a fantastic strategy and management game that’s recently even made the jump to PC. On the coattails of this hit, the Russians at My.com have developed Hustle Castlean odd clone that shamelessly copies the Fallout Shelter gameplay but uses a medieval fantasy setting with a lot of parody thrown into the mix. In fact, they’ve used the distinctive look of animated shows from MacFarlane Productions like Family Guy. But the most important question is: Does this hodgepodge of references actually work? Amazingly, it does!

hustle castle screenshot 1 Hustle Castle: A medieval Fallout Shelter with a Family Guy aesthetic

Just like in the title from Bethesda, you have to go around improving your rooms (in this case inside a castle) so you can unlock new options – in terms of both production inside your own community and your offensive and defensive capabilities.

The game takes you through a plot that for practical purposes just involves a series of recommendations on how to make upgrades to your emporium in the most optimal ways by fulfilling requirements, whether for building a specific room, getting a certain number of inhabitants, or compiling resources. Obviously this should keep you entertained for ages, especially considering that we’re talking about a demanding Freemium game that forces you to be constantly revising the end time of your actions.

Luckily, the fun goes beyond your castle(s). Besides maintaining your properties, you move ahead in the adventure mode by beating combat sequences against other enemies on open terrain. The system is fully automatic, so the level of your heroes and the equipment you set them up with will be key. This is a variation of the update that Shelter already added and that lets you wander around outside refuges in guided missions.

hustle castle screenshot 3 Hustle Castle: A medieval Fallout Shelter with a Family Guy aesthetic

Hustle Castle still isn’t out on Google Play and is officially categorized as “unreleased,” but we’ve got its APK for you here on Uptodown, ready to install and play with no regional restrictions of any kind.


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