How do I get new icons for Whatsapp? That is a question that many of the thousands of users of this popular instant messaging app have been wondering for months. We needed more icons because, as time passed, we used most of them and they became repetitive. Now, you don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary to get them.

nuevos iconos Whatsapp Hundreds of new icons for WhatsappIt seems that the developers of the app have taken good notes on what their users want, and in the latest update they decided to grant us our desires, including a ton of new icons in the app by default. You don’t have to do anything to have the new Whatsapp icons—simply update the app and you’ll have them there divided into five categories for a total of 853 icons.

This update isn’t limited to additional random icons, but also includes a new tab in the icon category menu that shows the ones that are used the most. Thanks to this, you won’t have to browse through them to find those little graphics that take up the majority of the conversation.

These new icons will give new meaning to your chat sessions with your friends. It doesn’t matter what the topic is— the little monkey in his three different positions, the new catlike smileys, the little devils, and the new food icons will all be welcome to liven the dialog. Apart from the icons, the menu for including images, videos, contact info, audio, and maps has been redesigned and is now a bit more attractive.

Do you want to see what can be done with this treasure trove of icons? We challenge you to a game that has been catching fire among the users of the app. Can you guess which famous movies these hieroglyphs are from? Leave your answers in the comments.

Juego Peliculas Iconos WhatsApp Hundreds of new icons for Whatsapp

You can download the latest version of Whatsapp here: iPhone / Android



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