The offer of streaming content is growing, but many do not know that within it, we can also find free services such as Pluto TV. This was the first AVOD (advertising-based video on demand) platform to arrive in Spain, where you can watch more than 100 channels of various themes completely free of charge.

One of the advantages of Pluto TV is (besides its zero cost) that you can enjoy it on your Smart TV, on a Windows computer, and phones with Android and iOS systems.

We are going to tell you everything you need to know to use Pluto TV on your Android phone.

1. Download Pluto TV on your Android phone

First, you have to download the app on your device. Before doing so, check that your phone is updated to the latest Android version to avoid backward compatibility issues.

If you prefer, you can access from your device’s browser, but it is much more practical to do it from the app. In neither case will you need to log in or create a profile to start using the app.

2. Live TV or On Demand

Two Pluto TV screenshots with Live TV and On Demand options highlighted

Pluto TV offers two ways to consume its content, and for both, you will find a shortcut at the bottom of the main interface.

  • Live TV (TV icon): from here, you can watch content as if it were traditional television. In other words, you will only be able to see what is being broadcasted at that moment. However, the platform allows you to watch it from the beginning or continue where the broadcast is going. While the choice is greater with this option, you lose the ability to stop playback whenever you want, as well as play forward and backward.
  • On Demand (play icon): as its name suggests, this option allows you to watch whatever you want on demand. You will find fewer programs and movies in this format, but you will be able to choose seasons and episodes in the series, as well as control playback at all times.

Whether you want to watch live or on-demand content, you must enter the app and select the option you want. In the first case, you will have a complete schedule with everything being played. In the second one, you will find different categories as it happens on other platforms such as Netflix or HBO.

Full screen and search

Highlighted streaming button and search screen of Pluto TV

In addition, at the bottom of the Pluto TV interface, you will find a third icon in the form of a magnifying glass. This will allow you to search for specific content or a live channel. Just type its name (or a word it includes) in the search box, and you will receive the results.

Finally, Pluto TV allows you to watch the content you want on full screen or, if you prefer, broadcast the image to a larger screen. Both options can be found on the playback screen, at the top right, next to the mute icon.


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