The impending release of the latest version of Android is right around the corner. This means that many a device is to be left out in the cold without the option to update. But, if you want the lowdown on how Nougat looks, you’re in luck. An Android N engineer at Google leaked an APK with the launcher that Android Nougat 7.0 will be using. Although initially it’s only specifically designed to run on Nexus, it still installs on other models as well.

Don’t be fooled. This launcher does not include all of the features and functionalities that will come with the official release. It’s essentially limited to being a theme change based on the new re-design for menu bars and application drawers. The main differences are most noticeably that the Google button is a whole lot smaller, making room for a Widget to the right, and an app menu that now drops down by swiping vertically instead of having to use the “timeless” lower bar button. Other than that, no news here.


Installing is simple. Just run the APK file as if it were any other app, and straight away you’ll need to go to your launcher selection menu and tap on Nougat. This menu is in a different location depending on your device, but it’s likely to be found in Settings > Start or by tapping on the lower dropdown icon for apps.

Extra features –like the lower sliding drawer or the switch effect button for Google– are not included here. But this launcher offers new themes and backgrounds from Nougat.

Nougat Wallpaper



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