Recently we found out that Apple removed the AppGratis application from its App Store. The application offered apps that were listed as free for a limited time, and made money through marketing agreements with the developers that offered their products for free for a limited in exchange for visibility. Apparently, Apple didn’t like this business model one bit because it didn’t comply with some of its policies. Even still, there are many other ways to find free apps or discounted apps for your smartphone. Here are some tricks.

Apps Gratis Android cabecera

iOS and App Store

The case of AppGratis was pretty extreme. It is clear that Apple really doesn’t like that apps have their own store for discounted or free apps. Those at AppGratis had a pretty good deal as they made promotional agreements with some of the apps being offered. What’s more, said application would send spam about its products via Push notifications.

In reality, the application didn’t show anything that you couldn’t find elsewhere. The hard thing about finding these apps that are offered for free for a limited time is precisely that: finding them in the App Store, with tens of thousands of apps that get buried by the daily new apps that appear, and that hardly ever survive in the top downloads list that iTunes displays.

The best way, as we’ve already mentioned earlier, is to use AppShopper. Whether it is via its web version, or its iOS application, it offers an organized list that is constantly being updated with the apps that go on sale, in addition to those that are free for a limited time. Even still it’s not the only place that provides this kind of service. For example there are tons of services that will tell you about discounted apps, such as AppKing, FreeAppDay, AppsFire, and TouchArcade (and its app), if you want to focus just on games.

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Android and Google Play

While it is very easy to find more than a dozen applications that list the top free apps each day, it isn’t so easy in Android’s app store. Although there are many more free applications, they usually include advertising, or have some sort of limited use to their service. What’s more, this week Disney offered four of the games from its catalog for free for 24 hours, which was the first time that an entirely paid app was ever listed for free in Google Play.

Even still, every now and again there are different offers that emerge. The already mentioned AppGratis notifies about the best discounts. As perfect example, not long ago the racing game Asphalt 7 was free, which had been at the top of the paid apps on the platform.

Another interesting option for finding free games is to install Amazon’s official app, which offers access to its online store. In a post we published a few months ago we explained how to install the application on your device, which, in addition to allowing you to purchase applications offered by the store itself, you will be able to download a free app every day.

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