ipad charge How to charge iPad using your computer?If you own an iPad you will have realized that when you plug it in your computer it only synchronizes it, your computer doesn’t charge the battery of your Apple device.

The reason is that your USB port only supplies 500 mA at 5V, which doesn’t meet the minimum of 1A necessary to charge the battery.

The solution to the problem is pretty easy. You’ll only have to install a free application called Ai Charger which increases the power supply to 1.2A and from then on, you’ll be able to charge your iPad just plugging it in the USB port. The application is installed on the computer and it recognizes when the iPad is plugged into the USB port. When the iPad is plugged in, it changes the power supply for the USB port to provide 1.2A so the iPad can charge.

Remember if you don’t install this program, your computer can charge the battery very very slowly, in fact, the power supply is so low hat you’ll have to turn off the screen to charge it and if you turn it on, it stops charging, so we highly recommend you to install this application. It’s as simple as useful, don’t hesitate.


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