In recent weeks, many Windows users have come across an unexpected update. Microsoft has decided that if your computer is set to automatically install updates, Internet Explorer 10 is going to be installed whether you like it or not, and without asking beforehand. This could cause a problem for those who are using a specific version of the web browser because they have to. Luckily, the process is reversible, and here we explain to you how to uninstall Internet Explorer 10, go back to using a previous version, and keep it from installing again using an official patch.

Internet Explorer 10 desinstalar

For most people, the situation is that they have to use this browser, and aren’t doing so because they choose to, because they have to use certain services or websites that only work on a specific version of Internet Explorer. This is why the only alternative for many users, given the recently mentioned situation, is to uninstall it and go back to a previous version, something that isn’t so easy in the event that you want to keep it from trying to install itself automatically again in the future.

First, you will start by uninstalling it from the Control Panel, whether you are using Windows XP, Vista, or 7. In either case, you will have to access the Programs section, specifically the “Turn Windows features on or off” section, as it being a Microsoft product originally integrated into the operating system, you won’t find it on the traditional list of installed programs.

Uninstall Internet Explorer 10

Once you’re in, uncheck the box next to Internet Explorer 10, and after a few seconds, it will ask you to restart your computer. That said, you will have to download an official Microsoft patch before you do so, which will keep it from being installed again via automatic update when the computer restarts.

Now you can restart Windows, and you will find the version of Explorer that you used to have installed without having to worry about another mutiny trying to take over the ship. Luckily, all your bookmarks, favorites, and other personalized content will remain untouched. We can all breathe easy.


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