Since its nascence at the end of 2013, Wallapop, the Spanish web service for buying and selling used items, has expanded wildly, with more than five million downloads of its official app and current availability in countries like France, the UK, the USA, and Mexico. Taking into account that it’s completely free to use, its interface is extremely simple, and the number of potential buyers is enormous, it could be a good idea to learn to post products to sell on Wallapop, a process so quick and intuitive that it can be done in less than five minutes.

Wallapop for beginners

Unlike other services, Wallapop bets on local transactions and in-person handovers. In fact, when you do a search, the results are displayed in order of proximity, with all the savings entailed with having no shipping costs. If you’re interested in an item you just have to click the corresponding button on its page and you can open a chat with the seller in an integrated, fully anonymous chat system, meaning you won’t have to give either your phone number or any other personal data.


The only requirement to use Wallapop, besides having downloaded and installed the official app, is to first register with a social login using your Facebook or Google account or by manually entering an email address, name, and password. You can then use both the smartphone app and the web version.

How to create an ad in Wallapop

Selling is just as easy – or even easier – than buying in Wallapop. From the search window you’ll always have a floating button at the bottom of the screen and when you click, it will take you to a page with five blank fields to fill out: product photos, product name, a short description, a price, and (optional) a category from the list to improve your ad’s impact.


After filling in the data you can post the ad on your social networks and when you click the Post button it will automatically be listed in search results worldwide: no waiting and no costs. You just have to wait for interested people to contact you, whereupon you’ll get a notification on your smartphone. Also, from your user profile (accessible from the left tab) you can view how often the ad has been viewed and the number of users who have faved it.


As with other services like Wallapop, whether you’re a buyer or a seller you can rate your transaction out of five stars to give user accounts some credibility. Nevertheless, because it’s a direct service that requires you to hand over the item in person, it’s much less risky. You can check the condition of the product on handover. No more worries about hustlers when buying items online.


  1. How do you list something on Wallapop with no dollar amount? I want to accept best offer. Selling a lot of office furniture and they may only want to buy just one particular item. When I don’t fill in amount it will not accept listing.

    • Just put the item for one dollar and explain in the details box that it is a job lot. If there under 8 items,you can photograph all of them in one listing.

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  3. I’m minutes new to wallapop..I just listed an item and want to list do I do this? It doesn’t seem to have the capability.

  4. I’m having g trouble trying to sell from the mobile website, I don’t want to download the app yet ( out of space). But can’t find a sell button anywhere from the mobile site.

  5. Used this new app and not happy with security of sellers. I was contacted after listing some furniture items and long story short was contacted by scam artist who would not answer my questions about transaction details. Posted a female pic and stated she was in military and didn’t know I’d she would be around to pick up furnitureAnd would have her, “Secretary” cut a check with more than my asking price. I we then to deposit check into my account wait till it cleared them take overage amount and contact her mover and give the rest to them. There were misspelled words and English wasn’t appropriate. So there were many rd flags for the experienced eye. I canceled transaction with this person via email but the check for 2300 came anyway. Some people may have let greed overcome and deposit the check. This would most likely give sender your bank acct info if they researched it. However, I sent check back to sender via registered mail and never received notification of sender receipt. SO, obviously this was I suspected a HUGE SCAM!! This post is just an FYI to remind, “Seller beware”. Anybody can say anything. That doesn’t make it true. I tried to post this on their website page but found I was No longer register!!

  6. Do a search folks of online scams and Wallapop will show up many times. Be careful with those asking to pay for a $50 item and sending you $100 check. “Could you please send me back the difference”. Or giving out your personal info of your bank account. Like any other sites similar to these there are scam artists waiting to take your money. Also from your search you will find after sending them the cost of an item you never get what you paid for. And then that item is still on the site waiting for another victim. Just like Craigslist giving someone your home address might not be a good idea if you are elderly and live alone.

  7. […] Since its nascence on the finish of 2013, Wallapop, the Spanish net service for purchasing and promoting used gadgets, has expanded wildly, with greater than 5 million downloads of its official app and present availability in nations like France, the UK, the USA, and Mexico. Considering that it’s utterly free to make use of, its interface is very simple, and the variety of potential consumers is gigantic, it could possibly be a good suggestion to study to submit merchandise to promote on Wallapop, a course of so fast and intuitive that it may be executed in lower than 5 minutes. Read more […]


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