Recently, Google published a list of the top apps of 2016. Surprisingly enough, this year Houzz was awarded best in show. As a handy tool for use within architecture, decorating, and interior design it inspires users with an endless supply of ideas via high definition photos. All content is published by other users and puts them directly into contact with professional interior decorators and businesses that sell related products. 

After trying out Houzz, we discovered that it’s both available as an app for smartphones and in web browser format. Its philosophy is based on users’ love for pouring over eye candy and list making. In fact, it bears great resemblance to Pinterest, and although each app’s intrinsic nature differs completely from one to the other, they could both easily be put in the same category in terms of their aim to inspire people.

Houzz decoracion

Users catalogue their search by categories, filtering by style, room type, or by price, and can then save the things they like the most into favorite lists and follow other users’ public lists. In this sense, Houzz leans more towards being a socially minded app, and even offers you services by connecting you with decorating professionals and businesses that sell their products through this tool.

Precisely in terms of functionalities is where it stands out the most by offering users their own search engine with professional decorators as well as access to all kinds of related products and texts written by other users. Underneath all of these features, there is also a layer of social interaction that allows you to tick your favorites, comment on and like them—as usual.

The fact that Google selected this app has less to do with its own success and is much more related to the way its interface was designed. It works like a charm and is super speedy when flipping through sections.




  1. […] Just lately, Google revealed an inventory of the top apps of 2016. Surprisingly sufficient, this yr Houzz was awarded greatest in present. As a useful software to be used inside structure, adorning, and inside design it evokes customers with an countless provide of concepts by way of excessive definition pictures. All content material is revealed by different customers and places them instantly into contact with skilled inside decorators and companies that promote associated merchandise.  Read more […]


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