Before the immeasurable domination of Fortnite, PUBG was the Battle Royale that ruled the genre on practically all the existing platforms, including Android. Since then, many games have taken advantage of the formula, to the point of becoming even more popular than the original, as we’ve seen in Free Fire from Garena, which is currently the most downloaded game on Uptodown. Step aside, Crossfire and Knives Out; Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival is currently one of the main pacesetters from the genre in China right now. And we’re here to examine the reasons behind its unprecedented success.

fight for survival feat Hopeless Land, the Chinese clone of PUBG for Android that you didn't know existed

This Free to Play title was officially released on Android at the beginning of 2018, offering rounds for 120 players that follow the extremely familiar gameplay: defeat everyone else as you wander around an enormous island and avoid crossing the invisible wall that gets progressively smaller. In terms of graphics, it’s at the same level as the best games in its genre, offering a stable framerate, even with the highest quality settings. And best of all, despite being so eye-catching, it still works perfectly on lower-range devices. 

hopeless land fight for survival 1 Hopeless Land, the Chinese clone of PUBG for Android that you didn't know existed

One of the game’s strong points is the variety of modes of transportation available. In addition to the four-wheeled vehicles, you can pilot helicopters or boats that will let you travel over water. Besides that, you have a wide range of typical weapons to use, along with a character customization system with outfits and extras that you can unlock as you finish rounds and amass earnings.

That said, you can’t believe the 10 million+ downloads shown in Google Play, because that number should actually be much higher. The international version that appears on Google Play isn’t the same as the one distributed in China and other Asian countries. Just like PUBG, there’s one Asian version and another for the western markets that has to wait much longer to receive updates. In this case, the original already offers English as a language choice, so you can install it directly. This way, you can skip the installation through XAPK, since the Asian APK already comes with all the game’s data and is less than 300MB. That’s why that’s the version we have available for download on Uptodown. 

hopeless land fight for survival 2 Hopeless Land, the Chinese clone of PUBG for Android that you didn't know existed

The developer, HERO Game (originally Ying Xiong), is known for releasing other games that are popular in Asia but rather unfamiliar in the west, like the great real-time strategy game Art of War: Red Tides. When it comes to analyzing market trends, most mediums tend to limit their scope to include only western countries. However, there’s a whole other world out there, as demonstrated by the dozens of alternative marketplaces that exist in China, Japan, and Korea. And we’re here to confirm it.

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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