How many times have you needed a tool for a certain problem on your computer, and you have wasted hours searching all over the web for a solution? Hiren’s Boot CD is the Swiss Army knife for professional computer techies – a compilation of free tools for fixing all sorts of computer problems, which you can run from a CD or USB drive without even having to boot your operating system, saving a few unnecessary headaches.


It comes with an antivirus, partition manager, web browser, in addition to text and image editors that you can install and use on your computer. But the strong point of Hiren’s Boot CD is the ability to use these applications directly from the CD or USB, without having to boot your computer’s operating system. You can backup your data, make changes to the partitions on your hard drives, or test the functionality of all the different parts of your computer to rule out hardware failure, or even to kill a virus that you couldn’t get rid of from within your operating system. You can also recover deleted or damaged files.


Apart from all these recovery tools, you will also find other kinds of applications, such as text and PDF editors, or even a very complete photo editing application. It also has a mini Windows XP and a mini Linux included that really come in handy when repairing installations of Windows that won’t boot, or that you can use simply to run programs in a windowed environment, which many users will feel is more convenient.


To use it, you can burn the image to a CD using a utility designed for that purpose, or copy it onto a USB device to boot it on computers without an optical drive by using a tool such as Universal USB Installer. Undoubtedly, this is an indispensable tool for maintaining your computer.

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