New seasons of the hottest shows on TV bring with them the specter of lots of viewers’ worst nightmare: spoilers. Dodging all info on the latest episode from your fave hit can be a lot harder than it sounds – the Internet is vast and there’s always going to be people dying to talk about what they’ve just seen. Leaving aside the question of whether our collective fear of spoilers is a bit overblown, today we’re going to throw a line to people who want to dodge spoilers to the greatest extent possible using the official Twitter client for Android.

Spoilers Twitter

Each of the many lists that purport to help you avoid spoilers end up airing the rather hackneyed tip of “disconnecting from your social networks” and, OK – they’re not wrong. But this is a bit extreme, particularly when you don’t know how long the spoiler wave will last: Till the day after the episode comes out? Two days? A week? This is a tough issue, but luckily Twitter is pretty good at letting you filter this kind of info with a few tweaks to your settings.

Let’s take the hottest example where the most spoiler blood tends to be spilled: season 7 of Game of Thrones premiered last Sunday and the fact that the show is constantly killing off its characters is a significant reason to want to avoid spoilers so you can still be surprised by what happens when you manage to watch the episode.

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The process for protecting yourself from this kind of “damaging” info involves silencing words, phrases, or hashtags that get used when people are talking about a certain show. This isn’t hard and can be as comprehensive as you feel like getting. Just go into the notifications tab (at the lower right) and then into “Silenced words.” Here you can add any keywords that occur to you – and if we’re still talking about Game of Thrones, that’s probably a lot of keywords. Here’s our own list in case you just want to copy and paste it.

  • #GameofThrones
  • #GoT
  • #GameofThrones7
  • #GoTS7
  • Jon Snow
  • Arya Stark
  • Daenerys
  • Sansa Stark
  • Targaryen

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We could carry on with this list forever: whether we’re adding character names, houses, dragon and wolf emoji … there’s no magic number of words to silence, so you can stop when you get bored or feel like your fear of spoilers has been assuaged. Plus you can set how long you want the silencing to last, though it defaults to “forever.” Getting rid of these words and phrases from your silenced words list is as simple as holding down until a delete icon appears.

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