Infinity Blade for iOS came up with a new and exclusive sub-genre for smartphones where action games are taken from a new angle by adapting controls to touchscreen technology. Heros of the Rift is clearly akin to other games by Chair Entertainment, the only difference here is that they added on elements typically found in other MMOs when it comes to managing different attack strategies with cooldowns.

Heroes of the Rift screenshot

In Heroes of the Rift you’ll get to choose from one of three different character profiles. As usual -warrior, mage, and archer- diving into a world full of missions where you’ll need to beat individual conflicts against enemies controlled by AI. Using your character’s special abilities, controlled by your gestures, you dodge and block enemy hits.

As you work your way up through challenges, your abilities and equipment improve over time gaining you access to even more complex threats. You know the drill for F2Ps: main missions, daily challenges, gifts for completing certain tasks, etc. Basically, one thousand and one tasks to stretch out your gaming time as long as possible with other inevitable elements well known to this style: offline PvP against other players characters, and the possibility to benefit from other friends that are playing in order to improve the odds of winning along with a shop for items.

Heroes of the Rift hasn’t been release internationally, yet. In fact, it’s not even ready on Google Play. But once again it’s yours to download and install in APK format on Uptodown.


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