There is so much entertainment knocking around the Android market that often games with properly original ideas get buried among the mountains of mediocrity. That’s exactly what’s happened to Heroes of Skyrealm, a fun game that might at first seem like the billionth ARPG out there but actually has a lot of aces up its sleeve.

The bulk of this adventure lies in beating small levels where you have to defeat groups of enemies till you come across one or several final bosses. You can form a team of up to three characters and can even alternate between them and move the rest automatically.

skyrealm 1 Heroes of Skyrealm: A variegated ARPG with pirates and flying ships

The interesting thing is that there’s like a secondary game that happens here. The thread running through both is the menu where you manage all kinds of processes from your giant flying ship, ranging from upgrading your crafted equipment or participating in daily events to collecting up to 30 adventurers and working on your perfect build, among many other tasks. And once you get to a certain point you’ll unlock an additional game mode where you have to defend your fortress.

skyrealm 2 Heroes of Skyrealm: A variegated ARPG with pirates and flying ships

Masked as a sort of tower defense, the Fortress Mode has you buy defensive items to keep rival heroes from getting to your treasure. Likewise, you can lay siege to enemy fortifications by advancing along the fortified trails using the same controls as in the rest of the game.

Aesthetically, Heroes of Skyrealm is a real pleasure, with artwork ambling between pirates, magic, steampunk, and Asian mythology in a mix that could pass for an episode of One Piece. As for the rest, nothing you wouldn’t expect from a freemium title in terms of repeating gameplays over time.

The game, whose final version was released a few days ago, has just come out in several languages. Its APK can be downloaded from Uptodown.


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