MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) are known among the general public for being one of the cornerstones of esports. Although they may seem to be a phenomenon that’s only just emerged in recent years, their roots can actually be traced all the way back to the Mega Drive and the revolutionary Herzog Zwei. However, it wasn’t really until the appearance of StarCraft and especially DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) and League of Legends when the genre really exploded and began to captivate millions of players.

If you’re not very familiar with the genre, then when you think of MOBAs you may picture images of esports tournaments with teams of players competing and playing at blazing speeds. Don’t worry, because with Heroes Evolved, you won’t even need a PC or the skills of a professional gamer to enjoy this veteran production by Netdragon Websoft Inc. to the fullest.

Heroes Evolved: choosing your character

Heroes Evolved, one of the best MOBAs for Android

Hailed as one of the best MOBAs available for Android, Heroes Evolved is designed to excite both experienced players of the genre as well as those who lack any experience in multiplayer combat. Thanks to a simple but effective tutorial, you can learn the basics to start playing and discover the impressive possibilities offered by its catalog of 120 characters, which you’ll be able to unlock as you go.

Heroes Evolved: 5v5 teams

The gameplay is, in theory, quite simple: after choosing a character, you’ll join a team to participate in 5 vs 5 online battles against other players. Your mission is to make it across the battlefield to destroy the enemy towers and the effigy that the rival team will try to protect at all costs. Along the way, you’ll have to deal with AI-controlled troops and, more importantly, with champions controlled by other players.

Different types of heroes

Each hero has their own characteristics, skills, and flaws. There are some that are tank-like, with slow movements but remarkable resistance, and others that compensate for their fragility with lightning-fast attacks. In addition to improving your character with the money and experience you earn in each combat, you’ll also be able to obtain advantages in the heat of battle and you’ll have to decide —without taking a break from throwing blows or firing ranged attacks— when to refill your health bar or use those experience points to speed up the wait time to execute your next special attack.

Heroes Evolved: character executing a special attack on an opponent

In addition to the classic 5 vs 5 mode, typical of MOBAs, Heroes Evolved includes other variants to make sure there’s something for every type of player: 3 vs 3 or 1 vs 1 combat. In the Game Modes section, found on the main screen, you’ll find the regular game modes (Altar of Strife and Valley of War), while in Entertainment you’ll find other more exotic modes like Remains of Chaos, Starlight Warzone, Chaotic Mode and, perhaps the most peculiar of all: Arcade.

Arcade, with three extra modes

Arcade features three extra modes: Heroes Royale, 3-Way Battle and Hero Auto-Chess. The latter radically changes not only the gameplay but also the setting, swapping the battlefield with a multidirectional scroll for a wargame with a bird’s-eye view where real-time action is replaced with a pure and simple strategy. Here, you’ll have to place your characters on a board made up of hexagonal cells, depending on their characteristics and the improvements they’ve accumulated in previous rounds.


Although it originally came out as a game for PC, Heroes Evolved is perfectly optimized for Android devices. The rounds have a frenetic pace and the dedicated servers for each continent ensure that you’ll never have to wait to find other players to team up or duel with. The sound is really spectacular (just wait until you hear the fairy in the tutorials) and, although the voices are in English, the game’s texts are also localized into Spanish.

Challenges based on the player’s experience

On top of all that, the servers are prepared to make sure you always face players at the same level as you. So whether you’re a beginner or if you end up putting a lot of hours into Heroes Evolved, you’ll always find challenges according to your level of experience. In fact, don’t be surprised if in your first rounds you end up being crowned as the MVP of the combat because the game’s servers are always flooded with players that are just as inexperienced as you. This helps to avoid frustration and guarantees that you end up irrevocably hooked on this universe of fantastic beings that makes room for both legendary figures from Chinese folklore as well as supernatural creatures from Western culture.

Heroes Evolved: team killing an opponent

Heroes Evolved is completely free, although, of course, it also includes the option of spending real money to get juicy rewards and access offers that will allow you to fill up your catalog of characters and their abilities much faster. That said, at no time will you be forced to spend a single penny. All you’ll need is to do is be patient and experiment with each character and game mode until you find the key that makes you fall in love with a genre and a game that has already conquered the hearts of millions of players all over the planet.


Translated by Sarah Odebralski


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