Hero Mission is the closest thing to Overwatch that you can play on Android

The MOBA FPS, previously known as ShellFire, now includes international servers and can be played globally.

The history of Hero Mission is a tad more complex that it may seem. We found out about the game back in 2017, when many articles started talking about the existence of a shameless Chinese clone for Android of the one and only Overwatch. In 2018, Dunia Games began distributing it in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries under the name ShellFire —that’s the name that we knew it by in the west, since it included English as a language option. But it wasn’t until now that the game was released worldwide, incorporating American and European servers, and returning to its original name in the process.

hero mission screenshot 3 Hero Mission is the closest thing to Overwatch that you can play on Android

Hero Mission is presented as a multiplayer online shooter with touches of MOBA where you compete in 5-on-5 rounds. The team with the highest score when the time runs out, wins. To do this, you’ll have to attack or defend control points while making good use of your character’s skills. Speaking of characters, you can choose from playing a fighter, defender, tank, or support. Nothing we haven’t seen before.

hero mission screenshot 2 Hero Mission is the closest thing to Overwatch that you can play on Android

Although its developers specify that the game’s monetization system is fair so that all players can earn any skin or character with the game’s currency without having to pay real money. However, obviously the time it takes to earn each one is much longer if you don’t pay. The model will encourage you to play often in order to continue leveling up and, thus, unlock the additional modes the game offers:

  • Ranked Mode: A version of the basic mode where you can can climb up the world rankings and get season rewards for climbing up the ranks.
  • Zombie War: A sort of horde mode where you can cooperate with your team to defeat dozens of enemies that show up in the setting.
  • Island War: The inevitable Battle Royale mode is also available here. Although in this case, it’s a miniature version for 24 players instead of 100 like you’d find in PUBG Mobile and other similar games.

Hero Mission / Shellfire is the umpteenth example of the fact that clones of successful game spring up like weeds in Asia for mobile devices. But that doesn’t negate the fact that they tend to be quality titles that allow players to enjoy certain genres on the platform.


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