Hero Academy 2 breathes new life into card games on Android

RobotEntertainment brings us the sequel to Hero Academy with this strategy/card game combo that, unlike the original, can now be played on smartphones.

Card games just added an unexpected new member to the family: Hero Academy 2 is a thrilling game that combines cards and board game strategy to offer you an exciting experience that’ll grow on you with every round you play. Careful with this one, it’s addicting.

Hero Academy 2

Although it’s been in our catalog for a while now, Hero Academy 2 has surprised us for a few different reasons. Not only has the style of the game changed a lot in this sequel compared to the original Hero Academy with the addition of cards, but for the fact that we can finally enjoy the saga on Android. What used to be a sort of powered-up chess game has become an interesting mix between a strategy board game and card game that reminds us of Hearthstone all around. And that’s definitely not a bad thing.

Hero Academy 2

Hero Academy 2 offers the typical gameplay of turn-based card games where you have to deploy your armies on a game board. Each game consists of 12 rounds and your mission is to destroy your enemy’s crystals while protecting your own from being smashed to pieces. Patience is key for this mission, along with the ability to predict your rival’s moves in order to have a chance at victory. The game takes a more aggressive turn after the 12 rounds have ended: you enter into an instant death round where you receive cards that inflict direct damage to the crystals and give you mana. FYI: the games tend to be pretty long, lasting between 10 and 15 minutes on average.

Hero Academy 2

Any players who are already familiar with other deck building games aren’t going to find much originality in Hero Academy 2. You unlock cards as you play, collect packs, there are things to purchase, and all the other stuff that’s typical of the genre. The cards are divided by color themes just like the legendary Magic and the card game Blizzard have made popular. But then the creation of the deck is in your hands and here is where you need to be creative in order to make a combination that leads you to victory. Although we also think it’s important to play with decks that you like, because if not, it’s not as much fun.

Hero Academy 2

Hero Academy 2 offers all the key elements necessary for success: a well-refined gameplay, incentive to collect cards, a powerful graphic design, and the always-competitive PVP battles. The good thing is that if you get tired of online battles, you can always take a breather with offline challenges in the form of puzzles and a few other game modes. There’s definitely no lack of possibilities here.

Hero Academy 2 for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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