Up until now, the objective behind social networking has been to bring people together—even if they are in different places around the world—to make new friends, or find those with whom you lost contact so you can share your interests, thoughts, photos, and videos. Ultimately, it is to make full use of the whole idea behind the word ‘social’. But, what if you want to get away from ‘your friends?’ Hell Is Other People has just set itself as the first antisocial network that helps you stay away from all the people that you don’t want to cross paths with.

hell is other people

We all have those bad days when you don’t feel like seeing even your own shadow, and you need to establish some limits between the gossip on Facebook and the educated conversations you don’t want to have with anyone you come in contact with. This isn’t a problem if you just lock yourself up at home; but, things change when you have to go out into the world, grumbling about it from the time you close the door behind you. Those days when you don’t feel like seeing anyone, and you end up seeing everyone, have come to an end.

Hell Is Other People is the perfect app for when you’re having a bad day. It is an antisocial platform that helps you avoid coming across your friends when you go out, that is, at least the ones that use Foursquare. If you are one of those that has friends who broadcast their life on social networks minute to minute, this experimental platform will fit you perfectly.

To use Hell Is Other People, all you need is a Foursquare account, and to be friends with everyone you know. The app then creates a ‘safe’ map using Google Maps’ API, so you can go about and not run into anyone that has used the check-in feature on Foursquare. It will show you routes you can take that are ‘safe distances’ from your friends so you can avoid running into anyone and having to fake smiles.

Obviously, in order for Hell Is Other People to work properly, you’ll need your friends to check-in, and update their location, and you won’t be able to free yourself from those that don’t use it. The irony of this antisocial network is that first you have to find your friends in order to get away from them, and the need to switch to the other side of the street and check your phone right when you see someone, pretending like nothing happened, won’t ever go away.

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