The 11.2 update of Hearthstone brings with it a whole new bag of tricks set to breathe life into the game both for old and new players alike. After hunting the monsters in Witchwood, Toki’s antics have brought the creation of new Taverns of Time, available from June 11 until July 2. And best of all, it’s not the only new change that’s come with this complete update.


A free golden card pack and new bundles

The first thing that we noticed with this new update is that we get a free pack by just logging in to play Hearthstone on June 13. This pack has the special feature of containing only golden cards, making for a great opportunity to brighten up your decks or to get some Arcane dust. Plus, they’ve included a new bundle of packs which let you get 10 different decks for only $7.99. This bundle includes two each of the following expansion packs: Classic, Witchwood, Kobolds & Catacombs, Knights of the Frozen Throne, and Journey to Un’Goro. If you want to get in on this deal, you have until June 19 at 7:00pm CEST.

New event: Taverns of Time

Hearthstone’s new event has put the focus on the chronological chaos generated by Toki and this topic will impact various game modes. To start, we have to mention that the arena will have 28 special cards that provide more variety to the mode: two new ones per class and 10 neutral ones. You can feast your eyes on these cards below:

Taverns of Time

Another new change worth mentioning is that the daily missions will give you gold and Arcane dust, so you’ll have a good chance to create the cards you need. Remember that this event will last from June 11 to July 2.

More new changes with the 11.2 update of Hearthstone

Don’t let the celebration of the Taverns of time distract you…the new Hearthstone update comes with multiple other changes that are also worth mentioning. The most important one is that they’ve modified the behavior of the cards that have different activations so that they work more intuitively. Here you have the complete list of changes.

hearthstone tiempo screenshot 1 Hearthstone's latest update brings new Taverns and a free Golden Pack

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