Blizzard’s most famous trading card game set in the Warcraft universe has arrived to Android and iOS phones after coming to tablets last December. Keeping in mind that a few weeks ago this game had some 25 million users, its arrival to mobile devices makes this something like a religious advent.

The only new feature in this mobile version is the adaptation of the interface for smaller screens. You can engage in open duels or participlate in the Arena and dungeon duels for one player, including the recently released expansion Blackrock Mountain. You can also access your card collection and deck editor.

hearthstone android 1 HearthStone now available for Android and iOS phones

To run the Android version you need a device with Android 4.0 or higher and at least 1GB of RAM, (not to mention the 650 MB that the app needs to be installed—and which will later balloon to up to 1.2GB with the data downloaded later). In the case of Apple devices, you’ll need your device to have iOS 5.0 or higher.

hearthstone android 2 HearthStone now available for Android and iOS phones



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