Jumping nonstop to get higher and higher scores. We may have seen this premise a million times but it gets a whole new spin in Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump. This game might not be that inventive in terms of gameplay, but it does everything so well and is so pretty in doing it that it deserves a little love. We might even venture to call this the most huggable game in our entire Android catalogue.

Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump

Endless runners are ubiquitous, but they still have a certain je ne sais quoi that brings us back again and again, even when we’re basically looking at the same product in a new package. In fact the packaging is usually what determines how much people play a game, and we can definitively say that Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump has a pretty package. It places you in a cotton-candy universe of bright colors and introduces you to the miimos: probably the most adorable creatures ever to appear on my mobile screen.

The way Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump works is simple as pie: you move between platforms by tapping the right or left side of the screen. The cutesy creature you’re playing jumps vertically between platforms, trailing a rainbow tail behind it. That said, to get as high as possible you’ve gotta stay away from all things white and take care with the special platforms you come across: ones with spikes, ones that fall out from underneath you when you step on them, and others that gradually disappear. Getting to the highest one at a quick clip won’t be easy – especially with your time bar continually flagging bit by bit.

Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump

Part of the appeal of Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump is its simplicity. Restarting after you die is super quick and it’s impossible not to love all the different miimos in the game. You’ll gradually unlock its large cast as you go and collect stars and hearts. Yes, I’m going kawaii too after playing this delightful game. Plus it’s got an option to fork out real money if you’re simply dying for one of the skins, but keep in mind that they have no affect at all on the gameplay. Not that that makes them any less enchanting in the least.

Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump

Playing Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump is almost like living in a hit anime. Its contagiously upbeat soundtrack might make you feel like you’ve lost yourself in bright-blue cotton-candy skies, but it’s worth it. This lovely little game puts your reflexes to the test.

Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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