Happy Glass is the newest hit from the creators of Love Balls and Draw In

Casual games continue to sit at the top of the charts for most downloaded games and Happy Glass is the newest hit that everyone's playing.

It seems like Lion Studios has discovered that simplicity is the key to success, just like Ketchapp did in the past. Happy Glass is the new casual game that’s been topping the charts on both iOS and Android. Its earned its success thanks to its simple and beautiful visuals, along with a pretty simple gameplay that makes it appealing to all types of players.

Happy Glass

A few months ago, we mentioned the success of Love Balls, an extremely approachable game, sitting pretty at the top of the downloads lists. We thought it would be a one-hit-wonder, given the high competitiveness in this field of extremely similar games. But since then, its creators made us eat our words with Draw In and they’re now back with a game about a happy glass. They’ve stuck to what they know: simple shapes and tons of screens to complete. And of course, it’s all represented with simple graphics that will charm even the youngest players in the house.

Happy Glass

Happy Glass is pretty similar to Love Balls in terms of gameplay, considering that in both games, you have to draw lines to complete your objective. But while in the previous game, you had to unite two balls, here, you have to fill a glass with water coming from a pipe in order to continue advancing. Each screen offers three stars for you to earn and to do that, you have to draw as little as possible. It’s pretty simple to do, although the screens do get more complicated as you go. You’ll soon realize that the line you draw isn’t only for directing the water, but can also be used to hold the glass up, or stop balls from knocking it over.

Happy Glass

The simplicity of Happy Glass makes it ideal to play whenever you get a moment of free time, no matter how brief. You have levels upon levels to play, making it a game that you’ll have installed on your phone for a long time. We thought it was a long shot that Lion Studios could come out with another hit by repeating the same formula, but it seems like for now, things are going well with their charming games.

Happy Glass for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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