Swing your way to the top of the mountain in Hang Line

Conquering the mountains in Hang Line won't be easy, but this precise game ensures that you'll definitely have fun trying.

It’s a great time for games that use swing mechanics as their main gameplay. While it’s true that we’ve seen a thousand and one similar games, we can still enjoy titles that make an effort to take these mechanics and physics to another level. Hang Line offers us an extremely fun experience thanks to where it’s set: on a snowy mountain range. You’re mission is to use your grappling hook and rope to climb to the top of each mountain.

hang line featured Swing your way to the top of the mountain in Hang Line

Your first moments playing Hang Line will have you learn how to use the detailed controls. You can’t actually control your climber, but when you tap the screen, you can send your hook to a chosen point. This is how you’ll need to try to climb and climb until you reach the mountain peak. Along the way, you can save other mountain climbers who are trapped or collect all different objects. This is how you’ll make your way toward earning three stars in each and every level. And of course, things get more complicated with each new level.

Hang Line

One of the details that we like best about Hang Line is its well-balanced difficulty curve. It may sound like a joke to say this in the 21st century, but Hang Line introduces elements exponentially in order to make climbing the mountain increasingly difficult. This is key to maintaining the players’ interest and attention without getting too frustrated along the way. You’ll start out climbing between blocks of ice easily, but soon, you’ll start coming across blocks that crack when you come into contact with them. This, added with the falling rocks will put your reflexes to the test. Yes, you’d think the growing level of difficulty would be a given in videogames nowadays, but unfortunately, it’s not as easy as you’d think it would be to find games that do it so well. One point goes to Ed Kay for this one.

Hang Line

The game offers the typical visual unlockables that you can purchase with coins earned from rescuing people in the game. But you’ll never find yourself obligated to buy anything at all in order to enjoy playing Hang Line. There are objects that will help you climb, like a radar that indicates the location of climbers in danger, or the shield that protects you from hits, but they’re not required in order to climb your way to the top without any power-ups at all.

Hang Line

Hang Line has impressed us thanks to its precise controls and physics engine. There are over 50 levels full of surprises to discover and you can also enjoy an endless mode where your objective is to get the highest score possible. It just might be one of the best games that exists on mobile devices that uses swinging mechanics.

Hang Line for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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