It’s interesting how on Android we find a decent handful of clones of videogames from other platforms, or even of other successful games on Android, as in the case of Clash Royale. Even though it’s not the most praiseworthy practice in terms of morality, many times it’s the only way to enjoy certain games on Android that haven’t been made available yet for Android users. This is exactly the case with HammerMan : get over this, a game that shamelessly copies one of the latest trending titles: Getting Over It with Benett Foddy.

HammerMan Getting Over It

HammerMan : get over this takes all the hallmarks of Getting Over It and successfully brings them to our smartphones, putting you in the place of a man (?) who has a black cauldron for legs and moves around by swinging his giant hammer. Your mission is to advance through an environment full of obstacles — not an easy task considering your range of movements is limited to how expertly you swing the hammer.

HammerMan Getting Over It

The appeal of the game revolves exclusively around your character’s limited ability to move: it’s extremely difficult to move around and you’ll find yourself repeating the same parts over and over again, which will gradually chip away at your patience until you feel like throwing your phone against the nearest wall. The controls on Android devices involve a virtual joystick on the right side of the screen. Good luck with that, because you’ll need nothing short of genuine magic to climb some of the obstacles that you come across.

HammerMan Getting Over It

HammerMan : get over this presents a fun concept along with a generous dose of suffering. It’s a game worthy of YouTube gameplays, just like the game that clearly inspired it. Let’s not forget that the creator of Getting Over It already experienced a similar success with the legendary QWOP, another frustratingly addictive game that also has its own clone on Android that steals its gameplay.

HammerMan : get over this for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


  1. The game is cool if you need to take time. But it is not suitable for people with a weak nervous system. I personally was not myself when I played. I even thought that the best I sat down and write my paper. But in the end, the game is awesome, thanks to a simple concept and a good implementation


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