A small change to a much-played genre can totally shake up the gaming experience. Standard dungeon crawler games involve exploring maps full of narrow halls that you patiently traverse till you find what you’re looking for – usually dodging traps and bad guys along the way. But what if your character moves automatically like in smartphone endless runnersThe answer to this question is a proper noun: Hammer Bomb. This free Android game is one that we absolutely insist you check out.

Hammer Bomb

Playing Hammer Bomb has been a real experience for me. I’ve never been a great lover of dungeon crawlers but this Pac Man-esque first-person title lit me up from the first minute. Whether that’s due to its interesting mix of retro style with modern gameplay or those voxel graphics, Hammer Bomb has become the game I currently just can’t put down. Your aim as the hero of the story involves surviving the dungeons in front of you. And this involves sliding your finger around the screen to turn or run away if you encounter a nearby enemy. You collect treasure and weapons to face monsters, and descend ever further towards the terrifying final bosses.

Death is part of the learning process here so there’s no reason to be afraid of it. Once you get the hang of the game and unlock new skills with the coins you collect, this particular descent into hell will be a more tranquil one. The key is that the upgrades you’re buying with your gold are permanent, so the more you play, the easier it gets. We’re looking at an exciting and fun game where boredom is the last thing it’ll inspire for various different reasons: its frenetic gameplay, the constant tension of finding a bad guy around the next corner, facing the unknown ahead of you thanks to the procedural generation of its levels… And few things are more satisfying than using the bombs, alluded to in the title, to find the loot you need.

Hammer Bomb

Hammer Bomb is the proof of the immense catalogue to be found out there for Android. In truth I’ve not paid much attention to this repertoire before – forty lashes for me. This title developed by Crescent Moon Games is one for the ages, an original game that gives a new meaning to the term dungeon crawler with a twist to the gameplay as simple as it is innovative: making your character move automatically. This tiny tweak completely changes the timing we tend to see in this genre, making Hammer Bomb a game an essential for your smartphone.

Hammer Bomb for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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