SEGA just keeps on rolling out the genuine treasures from its 16-bit era and now has come the time for one of the most highly acclaimed games from Mega Drive: Gunstar Heroes, a hectic run & jump that barely leaves you even a second to catch your breath. A legendary videogame that you can now enjoy for free on Android thanks to the SEGA Forever line. 

Gunstar Heroes

It’s hard to find a gamer who’s never heard of Gunstar Heroes. In addition to being high-profile, it was the first game created by Treasure, one of the most typical game developers of the 90’s, that didn’t produce a single mediocre title. A real rarity in the world of videogames that focused all its efforts on this game to instill their hallmark: a quick game style and tremendous battles against all different final bosses, in many cases having more than one per screen.

Gunstar Heroes

You control the actions of the brothers Red and Blue, who’s mission it is to destroy an evil empire that — surprise, surprise — is out to destroy the world. Right from the get-go, you need to start shooting like wild while dodging all sorts of projectiles. One of the game’s hallmarks also includes the variety of attacks that you have available: you have four different types of weapons that you can combine in 14 different ways to try your best to survive throughout seven heart-racing screens.  

Gunstar Heroes

Gunstar Heroes is a must-have app for anyone who loves videogames. It’s a game that you can now play for free on Android and with all the typical features found on the SEGA Forever line: a virtual D-pad, support for external controllers, a scoreboard, and the ability to save your game in the cloud. Plus, this game offers a multiplatform local multiplayer, so you can play alongside a friend on a local WiFi network. It’s yet another game added to the long list of games that SEGA has brought us for free on Android.


Gunstar Heroes for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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