We’ve lost count of how many multiplayer FPS games have tried to get a hold on the Android market to match their presence on PCs and consoles. The problem lies in translating the action from this kind of game to smartphones without getting lost in a screen full of icons that do nothing but cloud the experience. Guns of Boom appears to be one of the few games in this genre that’s paid a lot of attention to the medium it appears on.

Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom is a multiplayer game where two teams face off and it immediately grabs your attention with graphics that look just like the classic Team Fortress 2, though the similarity between the two stops there. What’s singularly odd about this game is the fact that it has no button to shoot: your character shoots automatically when you’ve got an enemy in your sights. This saves you the effort of having to mindlessly tap a button – a smart measure that games in other genres on Android have already cued in on, like many kart racing games that accelerate automatically.

Guns of Boom

This missing shoot button doesn’t make it easy to master, as it’s a game where action and constant movement are urgent if you don’t want to end up trapped by enemy fire. Using your two virtual sticks at the left and right sides of the screen, you move around and aim at the different settings. Plus you can use items like grenades to get rid of your enemies as fast as possible. A fast and direct game style that’s captivated more than 10 million players in the two months since it’s been officially available worldwide. These are wild figures that just keep climbing, as do the YouTube gameplay videos for Guns of Boom, which have already topped 100,000.

This early surge of popularity for Guns of Boom should be taken with a small grain of salt: though all these data floating around in the media are in fact correct, the game has been available in a lot of countries for a while now, and we’ve had it here on Uptodown since its soft launch. This has obviously allowed its popularity to ferment until its official launch on May 18. And note that this doesn’t take an ounce of appeal away from this terrific game.

Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom is a delightful experience for anybody who likes team FPS games. Plus it gets constant updates and upgrades that add ever more layers to its increasingly smooth gameplay. The Lithuanians over at Game Insight appear to have gotten it very right once again with this hit, coming on the heels of other successes like The Tribez, Cloud Raiders, and Mystery Manor.

Guns of Boom for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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