Gudetama Tap! is the official game from Japan’s most unusual mascot

It's time to collect all sorts of characters in the original Gudetama Tap!, a Japanese title based on the famous character from the same company that created Hello Kitty.

We’re so used to fast-paced experiences in most games we play on our smartphones and tablets, that the relaxing nature of a game like Gudetama Tap! is always interesting. The official game based on the lazy Japanese character has you collect all sorts of Gudetama eggs which you have to cook in order to unlock. So get ready for tons of Gudetama to discover.

Gudetama Tap!

For anyone who’s unfamiliar with the sluggish egg, Gudetama is a Japanese mascot that appeared in 2013 for the first time. It comes from the successful Sanrio, a Japanese company dedicated to creating mascots and commercializing all sorts of products related to them. You’ve all heard of Hello Kitty, right? Yup, that’s probably Sanrio’s most popular creation. Well, among all the many, many kawaii designs, we find Gudetama, a mascot that seems to suffer from chronic depression. Its popularity doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, and recently, it was even voted as the eighth most popular character from Sanrio.

Gudetama Tap!

Gudetama Tap! has emerged as a way to continue building on the popularity of this kawaii egg. From the very start, you’ll find yourself playing a special game that oozes Japanese from each and every one of its pixels. Its gamplay is based on the always tiresome wait times, but you won’t be forced to suffer too much at the beginning. You’ll need to cook up different Gudetama in order to discover as many new ones as possible. With each new Gudetama you unlock, your level will increase and so will the number of possibilities you have when it comes time to cook. And sorry, but cooking up these Gudetama simply requires you to tap the Cook button, so you can put your chef’s hat away for another occasion.

While you wait for your Gudetama to cook, you can also interact with the ones you’ve already discovered to earn coins and other objects. This interaction follows the same simplicity as the rest of the game: you just touch your Guadetama or simply slide your finger over it repeatedly to move him. This will allow you to discover a phrase from the lazy egg, along with another secret if you keep insisting. If you love unlockables, then you’ll have a blast, although this method can get old in the long run.

Gudetama Tap!

Gudetama Tap! is a different game from what we’re used to seeing on Android, with a repetitive and simple gameplay. Collecting all sorts of eggs can be fun, especially with all the different Gudetama designs. Plus, your dish won’t always come out as you expect, and with each new recipe you can discover three possible results: the Gudetama you expect, a secret one, and one failure. It definitely keeps things interesting.

Gudetama Tap! for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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