[Promoted post] Creating an Online Poker game that can actually attract players that aren’t already familiar with the Texas Holdem philosophy is quite a challenge. But, that’s where Governor of Poker 3 stands out. The Dutch studio, Youda Games, has had the pleasure to come up with the right formula with their saga. They introduce the common features of the freemium games for smartphones and present them to the casual gamer.  

The Wild West goes All-in with double pairs

Among all the poker gaming modes available, there isn’t a single shred of doubt that Texas Holdem is the most popular one worldwide since it’s the most balanced and it’s many’s favorite. It also stars in the most important international tournaments such as the World Series of Poker (WSOP). As usual, two pre-flop cards, five uncovered ones to try to make the best combination, and a limit when it comes to exceeding the bets per round. Nevertheless, as a way to make everyone happy, the game offers up to seven different modes plus other gaming options that go beyond cards that you can use to increase your virtual funds.

governor of poker 1 Governor of Poker 3 for Android, a Texas hold 'em for everyone

All the gaming modes are located inside a cartoon-like map of Texas in the middle of the  Wild West’s industrialization era. The map is subdivided into different areas that can be accessed as you continue leveling up. But, how? You basically have to win rounds and complete the more than 1,000 challenges, activities, and other daily missions. These can be anything from logging in every 24 hours to performing a specific move. 

Moving through the different halls will also allow you to compete against other more skillful players, as well as obtain more enticing rewards and bets. Be careful though! These could also leave your pockets empty in just a few moves if you’re not cautious.

Chips and coins

As you can imagine, money is the oil that greases this machine. You’ll start with a certain amount of chips that you can use to bet in the different gaming modes. Keep in mind that you manage your funds however you see fit and this is important when it comes to entering a game. Be careful with those All-in because sometimes they could be the devil’s work!

governor of poker 4 Governor of Poker 3 for Android, a Texas hold 'em for everyone

There are two types of valuables in this game, the before-mentioned chips and the gold coins. The first ones are, as we previously mentioned, the hard currency used to place the bets. The latter can help you upgrade the aesthetics which are completely represented by hats. You can exchange your hard-earned funds for these peculiar elements, just keep in mind that they never actually influence the rounds. They’re more just a way to get easily recognized as you continue to climb up the ladder. The hats, besides accenting your aesthetics, can also display your nationality.

The best way is playing with friends

Governor of Poker 3 includes a huge social component. You can interact with the rest of the players during the rounds in a bunch of different ways. Besides a totally open and permanent chat that includes all the players inside a game, you can also send default phrases or emojis every time a gaming round is finished, either because you’ve exited the round or simply because it’s finished.

governor of poker 2 Governor of Poker 3 for Android, a Texas hold 'em for everyone

Besides interacting with other players, you can also keep a list of friends and even benefit from it with the reference system that rewards you for each registration. As if that weren’t enough, you can form teams (the equivalent to guilds in an MMO), which give you access to free chests and experience doublers by completing cooperative weekly challenges, among many other features.

Money is everything!

As we’ve already mentioned, it is totally possible to enjoy Governor of Poker 3 without spending a single real dime. In fact, there’s a section that’s exclusively dedicated to that aspect because it helps you earn funds:

  • Watch a daily video: $1,500 or 1 gold coin
  • Send an automated e-mail to play: $500
  • Link our Facebook account: $20,000
  • Like the app: $1,000

governor of poker 3 Governor of Poker 3 for Android, a Texas hold 'em for everyone

If you want to go a step further, the game also includes an in-app store that lets you exchange real money for chips and gold coins. Plus, you can participate in roulettes that award different prices which you can access for free (there is a daily limit) or by paying for the service. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t work the other way around. In other words, you can’t exchange your earnings for real money. The goal of the game is to play and have fun until you become a virtual poker superstar.  

How to play Governor of Poker 3

There are more than 1,000 ways to enjoy the game. The main one is through their official Android app, available in Uptodown and Google Play. If you’re a regular user of virtualization tools such as Bluestacks, then you can enjoy it in your PC because they’re totally compatible. But that’s not all! You can even use your own desktop browser because it can also be played through their official web.


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