Recently GoPro acquired two video editing apps for iOS, Replay and Splice, in an attempt to improve software support for their cameras. Thanks to this move, they’ve just released a re-edition of the aforementioned editing apps by the name of Quik, which is really making waves within the Android ecosystem as a fantastic free app that allows you to apply all kinds of filters to your videos and create mashups of several clips, apply transition filters, a soundtrack, as well as other customizable features.


This app lets you import several videos to create a video composition using your clips. You’ll get to put them in order as you please, and apply different effects to each clip. It also includes over a dozen different preset themes that include their own transitioning system for fading in and out, a soundtrack, and post-processing effects. Even though, in any case, you already have the option to customize features at your whim.

The good thing about Quik, is that it’s more or less independent for almost every feature. From within the app itself, you’ll be able to insert music (as long as it’s got an open copyright) into your video from its own set song library. When exporting, you choose from several different formats and resolutions, meaning you’ll even be able to work with videos in 1080p. Although, obviously, your resulting video quality will depend on original resolution values.



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