HTML5 is making huge strides toward becoming the standard when it comes to creating web content. Google, which calls it a “universal language for building beautiful, engaging content,” has launched a complete, totally free web design tool for creating all sorts of animations, with a particular focus on uses related to ad banners. Its philosophy is to develop a single web element and eliminate device compatibility problems thanks to the aforementioned standard language.

cabecera google web designer

Developing web resources compatible with PC, smartphone, or tablet browsers in one fell swoop is the rationale behind Google’s project on HTML5. The company believes Google Web Designer will help unify different platforms with a single design, as well as help introduce the HTML5 language within the advertising sector. This has been cited as a huge advantage for designers, who will only have to adapt their ads to the screen size of each device so that the appropriate ad appears in accordance with the device being used.

The animations can be created using a set of design tools built into a highly intuitive interface. You can work in a basic mode that adapts the workspace to the experience level of beginner web designers, or use the advanced mode, where elements can be animated using layers or by enabling the option for Google to do so automatically.

Google Web designer

This web designer, which is integrated with AdMob and DoubleClick Studio, lets you write your code manually and edit it in HTML5 and CSS3 mode. It also has a feature, quite like that of Dreamweaver, that lets you work exclusively on the design or directly within the code, with different display panels that show your preferred workspace: design, code, or a combination of both, allowing you to make your desired changes in real time and see the results as you do it.

Google’s support for the HTML5 platform is an initiative aimed at generating web content in this language and incorporating professionals who up till now haven’t worked in this field. A step that—just maybe—will manage to create a web that is compatible and unified for all devices and platforms.

Google Web designer screenshot 2

Google has confirmed that it will be “working hard over the next couple quarters to add new features and improvements” to its new application, meaning all that’s left is to wait for future updates to this beta version. Meanwhile, if you’re one of those who hasn’t yet learned the HTML5 language, you can familiarize yourself with it with the application’s help guide.

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