Google has just released new versions of two applications that don’t need any introduction: YouTube and Gmail, both of which are available on Apple’s AppStore. Their most exciting new feature are their optimization for the 4th generation iPad and the new iPhone 5.

Google Youtube y GMail iOS cabecera Google updates its Gmail and YouTube apps for iOS

Some of the modifications that have been made to Gmail include the option to access several accounts simultaneously, in addition to a redesign of the interface that makes it much more easy and convenient to navigate through the application. Other new features that the Gmail version 2.0 for iOS has are:

– Infinite scrolling through your inbox
– Improved features for composing emails, making it much more fluid
– Autocomplete for searching your emails has been added
– Push notifications have been added, something that is very useful for those that want to be informed every time they receive a new email,
Integration with Google Calendar

Youtube iPad Google updates its Gmail and YouTube apps for iOS

In addition, the YouTube app for iOS has also received an overhaul, whose major new feature is that it is now compatible with iPad and iPhone 5.

Apple and Google had their issues a while back regarding the YouTube app, when Apple decided to leave YouTube out of its devices as a native app, which made the engineers at Mountain View design a new app to be releasedf separately that has a greater breadth of functionality than what Apple probably wanted it to have. This update to YouTube version 1.1 for iOS includes the following new features:

– Improvements in VoiceOver support.
– Improvements in AirPlay, which used to be limited to just audio, but now includes video.
The interface has been overhauled to be used on the iPad, in addition to being optimized to increase performance.

This update is mainly aimed towards iPhone 5 and 4th generation iPad users, who can now take advantage of all the technical improvements that have been incorporated into these two must-have applications.

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