Google is a giant enterprise with a multitude of projects being developed simultaneously, and it’s normal for certain reduncies to exist, such as what happens with its messaging services. Google has GTalk, the Google+ and Hangouts chat, and you can even chat via Google Drive! Because of this, just as they announced last summer, Google will unify all its instant messaging services into one single cross-platform application called Babble.

Google Chat Bubble cabecera

It is especially important that the new service be created directly as an app for every platform on which Google has presence, from its very own Android to PCs, and, of course, even iOS. It doesn’t require a lot of brain power to realize that it is a move to counteract the dominant position held by WhatsApp in the mobile market for communications between users. By unifying its services, all of which are very popular, Google is dishing out a powerful blow, and violently claiming a portion of those users.

If you take into account the general discontent with the new annual fee that WhatsApp will charge, Google’s app couldn’t be announced at a better time. However, we will have to wait for Google to make the official announcement, and provide a release date; although,, the source of the information, says that it could be ready by May.

The app which is being developed from zero, will unite all Google services into one, and will allow conversations to ocurre cross platforms, something that right now you can’t do with WhatsApp, but can be done with its most direct rival, LINE.



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