It’s a well known fact that Google’s array of online services is all-encompassing when it comes to our daily digital activity, which is why using them as organizational tools makes way for a number of interesting results like their new Google Trips.

We’re looking at an app that’s capable of detecting places you’re going to visit from the activity on your Gmail account together with other actions taken within the rest of its services. Based on this information, its able to recommend places to visit and create your own travel plan thanks its enormous wealth of knowledge linked through Maps.

Google Trip Mosaic

Your trips, both upcoming and those you’ve already taken, are grouped together into a series of cards. There you’ll get to access: reservations you’ve made via email, places to eat, sightseeing spots, and an area made up of the elements that you’ve marked as favorites within each section. Best of all, you’ll be able to save all of this information offline to have a look when you’re out and about without an internet connection.

The neat thing about this app is that it does all of this automatically, based on your online movements, and is clearly an evolution and specialization of the services that were already offered on Google Now.

This way, if you made a flight or hotel reservation using your Gmail account, it’ll be tracked and accesible from Trips. To fine tune your search, it also accesses the events you saved on Google Calendar as well as any activity registered on Google Maps.

Google Trips screenshots

This app isn’t on Google Play, yet. But, it is ready to download and install in APK format on Uptodown.


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