Google knows a thing or two about plumping its content database with the work of users themselves. Street View has been one of the best additions to the world of online maps and spatial orientation, which till now had been a feature that came with Google Maps. From now on that’s going to change with the release of a completely independent version of Street View, which in addition to letting you view the countless spherical images taken by the Google team, serves as a place for you to post your own 360º shots, and see those taken by other people.

The application lets you browse a world map that marks all the points of interest in a specific area, where you can explore iconic places and even group them into themed galleries or ‘Collections’. You actually won’t be viewing any exclusive content that you can’t see already on Maps or Earth, but its presentation and browsing system is much more dynamic and fun, especially if you’re using it on a mobile device.


Street View lets you manage your profile and administer your own galleries created from the photos you’ve taken in 360º mode, available on most modern smartphones with Android 4.2 or higher. To make this even easier the app will superimpose a bubble on your screen so you can take your own captures.



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