Google is on a roll with the indie game competitions for Android. They’ve recently announced the winners of the North American edition of the Google Play Indie Games Festival 2017, the original contest, whose winners last year included titles of the caliber of bit bit blocks, Numbo Jumbo, and Orbit – Playing with Gravity. We also blogged about the last edition of the contest, although it was the European version, but we’re always happy to have a reason to celebrate indie gaming, whatever continent it’s on.

Google Play Indie Games Festival 2017

On Sunday, September 24, Google announced the winners of this competition that included the participation of indie developers from the United States and Canada. San Francisco was the place that hosted this unique gala, and 10 finalists were announced from among the 20 contestants. Of those 10, just 3 have been selected as winners. And one of them happens to be available for free download from Uptodown (another of the three is a paid title and the third one hasn’t come out yet).

Flipping Legend

A fun arcade game with lovely retro graphics in which you move diagonally on 3-by-3 gridded levels. All while dodging traps and eliminating enemies, which is essential for reloading your life bar as it gradually ticks down. [Download]

Flipping Legend

Slayaway Camp and Tiny Bubbles are the other two titles to walk off with a prize. The three winners will get their titles promoted on Google Play and receive a 32GB Google Pixel XL, a pair of Daydream View VR glasses, invitations to Google events, and $20,000 worth of Google Cloud credit.

We also leave you with the remaining finalists, as some of them are free games and you can also enjoy them from Uptodown.

  • Beast Brawlers (V2 Games Inc) [Download]
  • Covens (Raincrow Studios, LLC.) [Download]
  • Age of Rivals (Roboto Games) [Webpage]
  • Crashy Cars (pixelbixarre) [Webpage]
  • Jigsaw Story (Happy Square Studio Inc) [Webpage]
  • Loteria Latin Bingo (Gorilla Bean Games) [Webpage]
  • Splitter Critters (RAC7) [Webpage]


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