Among the many new things presented on the first day of the Google I/O, the redesign of Google News was one of the important points mentioned. This revived tool has been combined with the old Google Play Newsstand and it now offers a good handful of new features. Although it’s only available in certain countries, you can download it from Uptodown right now without any geographic restrictions.

Google News

The death of Google Reader left us all with an important void. It’s been a long time since then and we can’t complain about the number of alternatives there are for RSS readers. But time has proven that feed readers continue to have a great importance and Google has taken note. Well, in its own way, since we wouldn’t exactly call Google News an RSS reader per se, but it’s the way the Californian company wants us to get the news.

Google News

Google News is set up with a fresh and clean interface where you can browse through the different tabs to get all sorts of news. The first screen you see called “For You” gives you five current articles personalized according to your Google profile. You can access this content by simply tapping the news story you want to read. The same goes for the rest of the sections of the app like the “Headlines” tab where you’ll see the most popular news stories of the day within common topics like local, international, business, technology, entertainment, etc.

What’s interesting about all the content shown is that you can see a summary that combines text and animation along the same lines as Twitter Moments before opening the article. In addition to this customized content by Google, you’ll also be able to choose between different themes and sources for news you want to read about. When you select these categories, you’ll enter in a feed complete with all sorts of articles about specific topics.

Google News

This new makeover of Google News isn’t only superficial, though. It’s also gone deeper to change it from the inside out: it uses AI technology to offer us a better experience. Plus, the content in Google Play Newsstand hasn’t disappeared since the last tab in the new app offers the Newsstand content you’re looking for.

Google News for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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