Just a few days ago the latest, improved version of Google Maps for Android was released, which has a large amount of new options inherited from Waze, the social app based on geopositioning used mainly for sharing and checking highway traffic, which was purchased by the giant a month ago now. But, not everything is a new addition in this latest update, as the offline browsing feature has been modified, and some of the less popular Google services have been removed, such as Latitude, and Google+ check-ins.


This new release of the app is inspired by the latest iPhone update, which came out months ago, and is the first app dedicated specifically to Android tablets and smartphones. Browsing has been greatly improved, with constant traffic updates, and an option to use an alternative route based on that information. This feature is exclusive to Android for now, but is planned on being included in the iPhone app later on.

Another one Maps’ new features is “Explore,” which makes it much easier to find all different kinds of places nearby. It shows all the nearby options by category rather than having to search with several different key words. A point system has also been implemented for the places you visit, with a certain resemblance to the popular social network Foursquare.


At one point, this update was going to remove the offline maps feature, but the users’ reaction was so negative that Google released a revision to the update in less than 24 hours, which added a feature that allows you to save the areas you want for offline viewing.


The only setback to losing the highly valued offline navigation is the loss of privacy that comes with it. If you were afraid of their watching you via the info you send to satellites with GPS, you’ll now be sending it to Google at all times, and of course will be used to bombard you with ads for places that you pass by.

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