Google has swapped out the now-antiquated Currents to offer a much more comfortable and personalized reading experience to bring the news that interests you to your device. Now, using Google Play Newsstand, you’ll have access to the current events publications most closely related to what you’re looking for with the option to customize the content—and all of this is totally free (although there is some information that you’ll only be able to access by paying).

This new app offers you the possibility of consuming all the information you access throughout the day on diverse media but with the benefit of bringing it all together in one app that you can keep open all the time. In addition, the interface is very comfortable, and shows you news headlines organized by category, by source publication, or by the time of posting.

Google Play Newsstand

You can access newspapers of various types, including general information, specialized information, blogs, magazines, and general news sites, all of which are ordered by category and by news relevance, with the option to specify whether you prefer latest news or highlighted publications.

With each category you can also access loads of related content on a subject you wish to read about, thus making it easier to access the news that interests you and, in passing, other news you might not be looking for but that might still interest you.

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It’s worth noting that Google Play Newsstand maintains all the subscriptions that you may have stored in Google Currents and Google Play Magazines, meaning you’ll keep receiving all the news that interests you direct to your device.

Finally, Google Play Magazines users should note that they can access the new app just by updating their current app. Users of Currents will need to download Newsstand to replace the outdated app.



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