The new messaging service that has been talked about so much lately is finally here. Even though it isn’t called Babble after all, like the rumors mentioned, it does meet all our expectations: Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, and its video conferencing service have been unified under the name Hangouts, a cross-platform software that you can access both from the desktop version for Chrome, as well as portable devices such as Android and iOS. Could this be a real rival to WhatsApp.

Google Hangouts cabecera

The app was made available starting May 16, and offers an instant messaging service, a video calls service, and voice calls service for up to 10 people at a time. All of its features still haven’t been implemented, which will come with future updates to the service, among which include the ability to use emoji, send images offline, and send and receive multimedia content in different ways between several users.

Among many other features, Hangouts won’t notify you across several devices, but rather you will see the notification on the service that you are using at that moment. This is very important for an app that hopes to unify all its instant messaging regardless of the platform being used into one single service.

Download Google Hangout on Uptodown
Version for Android |
Version for iOS |
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